51+ Epic WiFi Names Collection for your Network

epic wifi names

This article is going to drive your mind crazy because here you’ll get some epic wifi names. We already have posted a lot of our wifi names collection. So if you want more specific puns, then make sure to check them out also. Anyways, here in this piece of content. I will tell you about some awesome and really epic wifi names so that you don’t have to get on the Internet again to search for it.


There are a lot of wifi puns available on the web but the ones we list on our website are way unique than all others. I personally used to search for it and then I realized all the authors have posted the same names collection. So I am on a mission to provide users like you the best and unique wifi names. As of now, we have talked a lot, so let’s get straight into the list for your wifi network.

Latest Epic WiFi Names of 2018

epic wifi names

You are now to close to our names collection. We would love it if you share this article with your friends. Tell your friends about this amazing wifi names list. So that they can also get a huge benefit out of it. So now I think is the time to reveal all those crazy wifi puns. Go ahead and read all of the most epic wifi names. Make sure to tell us which one is your favorite.

Best Unique WiFi Names

  • Abraham WiFi
  • Pay 10$ for an hour
  • Go buy your own one
  • The WiFi’s Watch
  • I’m Mr. WiFi
  • Do not try to connect
  • Come to beg for password
  • John Cena’s Network
  • The Undertaker
  • You are cracked
  • Cops will catch you
  • You pass me Jam
  • Dave of Devil
  • Zombies ate my Router
  • The Network
  • The Elder LAN
  • Heart of the WiFi
  • Journey to the Internet
  • Don’t touch my Router
  • WiFi in Black
  • LANard da Vinci
  • WiFi is in Danger
  • Shout my WiFi Name
  • You can never connect
  • Why don’t you buy one?

Most Epic WiFi Names

  • Justin Birbal
  • Do not swipe
  • Hack it if you can
  • FBI Internet
  • Annex Zone
  • Internet Threat is on Fire
  • Michael Leonard
  • Online Surveillance
  • WiFi Others
  • I am Hot
  • Speak it Loudly
  • Stop your barking dog
  • I have the Internet
  • I knocked on your door
  • Do not beg for password
  • 100 bucks for the pass
  • Clone Bifrost 199
  • You are disconnected
  • Wireless WiFi
  • A wizard with the Internet
  • WiFi with extra benefits
  • The NIght’s Clone
  • Hide Glide on the Web
  • I’ll brick your phone
  • Chamber of the Internet

Final Words

The above-written list is developed by our whole team. We tried to look for some amazing wifi names with our creativity. If you think you are more creative than us, then please help us update this list by leaving a comment below. If you want to some more crazy WiFi puns then check our WiFi Names category.

So now I think you got your favorite. Now, what do you think which one is the most amazing from these epic wifi names? Tell your answer in the comment section. It was a great time having you on our website.

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